Posted by: robie2002 | June 24, 2007

2.0 x 2

So we are now seeing a new phenomenon, numbering 2.0… It would appear that some marketing bod involved with the new Die Hard film thought that being able to embrace this whole 2.0 concept would help make ensure Die Hard remained ‘cool with the kids’; the only flaw in their plan is that someone else was inconsiderate enough to have already made the second Die Hard film in 1990; but not to worry, to retain that modern, edgy cool we can just use 4.0 instead; genius!

So is this the start of the marketing world trying to capitalise on the latest web zeitgeist? We’ve already seen the disappearance of capital letters for company names, even when it’s a noun, now everything is going to x.0; which disappointingly means this blog could be redundant already… or does it help make us even more ironic?

p.s. also, can we really argue that you get verions of films, in a x.0 sense…? Surely this is just Die Hard number 4 not version 4; or will the Directors cut be called 4.1?


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