Posted by: robie2002 | June 2, 2007

Bully 2.0

I have a friend, and he is a dear friend, he is the person that really pressured me in to finally blogging (although I really wanted to anyway) and moans that I don’t post enough, he is the reason I have Delicious, he is the reason I dally with any web2.0 tool, he is in reality a web2.0 bully.

And in true bully fashion he is baiting me that he has been invited on to Joost and teasing me aboutwho he might invite on there…

I mean this all in the nicest possible way, I just liked the term and wanted to get it out here.




  1. it helps to check email 😛

  2. […] used to torment everyone I knew who could blog, to blog. I have been even called a bully, in that sense. About three years ago. Now, I cajole, very rarely, not to friends, […]

  3. […] before. I’ve never been successful. My insistence that co-authors should write, has been misconstrued. But a past failure should never be a determinant of what today is pregnant […]

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