Posted by: robie2002 | May 21, 2007

Food 2.0

This is going to be a short start to Second Version but will show where I am coming from with the whole 2.0 concept and how far it might stretch.

Like all good ideas this post started in a restaurant đŸ™‚

Last week whilst visting Glasgow my travelling companions and I were enjoying a very good curry at the Dhabba restaurant (well worth a visit) and got to talking about other Indian restuarants we knew in London, with recommendations of those that I should sample. One which I floated (and was rejected, although I quite like it) was the Cinnamon Club and that brought us to talk about ‘fusion cuisine’ in more detail.

We wondered whether you could consider ‘fusion’ as the outcome of a shrinking world, and broadening horizons brought on by people’s acceptance of international influences and increased travel. Bringing together flavours from all over the world to work together to create a single dish, could that be considered as Food 2.0?



  1. I just couldn’t help it – had to be the first to comment – wonderful food for thought. Let’s see what this Blog Journey 2.0 has in store for us!

  2. This is so cool thought, Food 2.0 wow!!! Are you planning to start a consortium to get the required mileage out of this fantastic idea.

  3. I’m keen that all people contribute their thoughts, chastise us and proffer as many enhancements or refinements to the rubbish/ideas we spout.

    Mind you I was tempted to pick up on your use of the word mileage, given all of the commentary about the evil of food miles in this age of global cuisine;,,2091722,00.html

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